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Manu is Chief Evangelist of Excelerate. He founded the organization in 2017. His passion for building a global network of decision makers lead to the creation of Excelerate. When he is not drumming up support for Excelerate he is a Managing Director with Inventus Capital, a micro-VC fund investing in seed stage startups. Manu has had a passion for tech startups and an ever inquisitive mind. Prior to investing with Inventus, Manu was at Google where he worked on several digital consume businesses. He then joined Lolapp’s early senior team to build a successful social gaming company, and he then joined NewsCorp’s Digital Division as VP Product.

Manu has effectively managed conflict of interest by removing himself from the startup selection committee when one of his portfolio companies apply. To date only four of Inventus’s portfolio startups have been accepted in the program.

Manu is a father of two amazing kids and loves learning from them. He can often be seen on Bay Area trails hiking or biking with his kids. Loves to travel, cook and regularly guest lectures at Haas School of Business. Manu holds a B.S. from Boston University and a joint MBA from Columbia Business School and Walter Haas School of Business.

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